Welcome to Portable Water Filters

I’m Henry¬† Reinders, founder of Portablewaterfilters.org. I am what i call a moderate prepper, not hard core, not like you might see in Doomsday Preppers by National Geographic, but I do like being prepared for any potential disaster or emergency situation – which is what eventually led me to the quest to find the best water filters, purifiers and ways to store water for the long term.

Trying to find water filters and purifiers that are effective, reliable and good quality proved to be a much harder, and more expensive than I first anticipated, it took a lot of research and a lot of money. Over the last couple of years, I have bought over a dozen water filters and accessories (including purification tablets etc) only to come to the realization, that if I wanted reliable products, I would have to fork out a bit more money – somewhere in the vicinity of $3000 to date. While this does not make me an expert on water filters and purification, I have gained enough experience to provide solid reviews and recommendations.

After all this, I thought that I shouldn’t let all this experience go to waste, after all, I thought, there must be 1000’s of other people doing exactly the same thing, maybe not spending as much as I did, but definitely looking for the the same thing, reliable water treatment and safe drinking water.

And that has led to the development of Portablewaterfilters.org, a source of information on the most popular water filters, purifiers and desalinators, and maybe some you’ve never heard of, but if it is out there I will have likely bought it and be able to share my experience within the pages of this website.

I decided to do this in a review format with as much detail about each product as possible. If detail is lacking, it is likely that the product is inferior and not worth providing lengthy information. In addition to this information, I have sourced out a few of the places you can purchase them online – hopefully at the best prices too (links available on the review panel and bottom of each post).

Please Note: I review products, for the most part, with my own personal testing. However, to make sure that all aspects and scenarios are covered, I always do my research and take into account reviews and comments from others that I find while researching each product. I feel this provides you with a sound, in depth review of each product that you will find on this website.

I hope that the information provided helps reduce the time you are taking to research various water filters and find one that suits your needs – without spending a small fortune in the process.

~ Henry Reinders