Certified Water Testing Reports For Popular Portable Water Filters


There are so many portable water filters being made in China now, it is hard to know which ones have actually been tested – and more importantly, by who and what standards/criteria (World Health Organization or ?).

Below you will find a list of the test results (reports) I was able to find for the water filters on Portablewaterfilters.org.

If you are buying a water filter and no test results are available – I highly recommend you don’t buy it. You have no way of knowing it can do, what it claims, and the risks associated.

Portable Water Filter Test Results – PDF Reports

LifeStraw Report

LifeStraw Mission & Family Report

Survivor Filter & Survivor Filter Pro Report

LifeSaver Bottle Report

LifeSaver Jerrycan Report

Katadyn (unable to locate third party certified lab results – disappointing)


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